Neutral Current Compensator

Non-linear as well as linear loads, if unbalanced, cause neutral current in the distribution systems. The neutral current not only causes additional losses in the neutral and incoming transformer but can also cause supply transformer star point deviate from earth potential (zero or reference potential). This can give rise to unwanted / unwarranted variation in line to neutral load voltages, many times causing visible flicker. This can also affect synchronization of drives connected on the same voltage bus causing production loss.

Shreem has introduced the product Neutral Current Compensator (NCC) which can help the customers resolve these issues economically and achieve reliable operations of their plants. The product can be used in any given system voltage from LV to HV without any additional transformer

The compensator helps in eliminating neutral current in the system. Thus, it helps in elimination of third harmonic and triplens in the neutral current which further helps in reducing large current distortions in caused by these harmonics in supply line currents.