Active Harmonic Filter Panel(AHF)

AHF is used for centralized harmonic suppression in a power system. AHF is an IGBT based power electronics device. It uses IGBT and inverter technology. It actively eliminates 100% harmonic distortion and reacts instantly to varying loads. This is done by injecting additional currents as required in order to cancel the harmonic components of the non-linear loads. Every consumer of Electricity Board at 415 V should possess, who experience harmonic related issues such as:

  • Overload
  • Malfunction in control circuitry
  • Heavy application of electronic drives
  • Nuisance Tripping &mis-coordination of relays
  • Over heating of system components

User Benefits

  • Reduces capital expenditure cost of the electrical distribution network due to reduction in the over-sizing of cables, transformers and other equipments
  • Safe and reliable AC power supply and distribution network
  • Reduced overloading and overheating of the neutral conductor
  • Nuisance tripping of protection circuit breakers avoided
  • Reduction of the THD (V) due to cancellation of current harmonics
  • Increased lifetime of distribution equipments
  • Increased productivity by eliminating downtime