HV Apfc Panel

Automatic operation of capacitor as per the requirement of KVAR in the system.

HV Smart Bank

Suitable for indoor application. Auto operated P.F. Correction System.

Reactive Power Compensation Design

We offers reactive power compensations designs. Reactive power compensation is defined as the management of reactive power to improve the performance of alternating-current (ac) power systems. In general, the problem of reactive power compensation is related to load and voltage support. In load support the objectives are to increase the value of the system power factor, to balance the real power drawn from the ac supply, to enhance voltage regulation, and to eliminate current harmonic components produced by large and fluctuating nonlinear industrial loads. Voltage support is generally required to reduce voltage fluctuation at a given terminal of a transmission line. Reactive power compensation in transmission systems also improves the stability of the ac system by increasing the maximum active power that can be transmitted.

Schemes for Reactive power compensation

1) Dynamic Power Factor Correction Panels.

Very fast / real time response to changing loads. Response time in micro seconds. Due to very fast capacitor bank operation maintaining PF close to unity is possible. Contractor operated APFC panel respond to changing loads in a sluggish / delayed manner. Due to slow response these panels are unable to maintain PF close to unity.

  • Welding Machine Application
  • Automobile Industry
  • DC Drive Applications

2) Contactor Based APFC Panels

Reactive Power compensation system is designed to work automatically on LT power supply to measure , display & connect, disconnect the required capacitor banks through Capacitor Duty contactor with protection of MCB / HRC Fuses & series reactors to each bank to achieve the set Target power factor.

  • Automobile Industries, Cement Industries, Metal Industries.
  • Chemical & Fertilizer Plant, Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Hospitals, Malls, Banks, IT Parks, Commercial Complexes.
  • Crushers.


Lifetronics offers Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) contract & other APFC PANEL MAINTENACE services for clients with detail report .We assure all our services are rendered under the audience of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers & TECHNICIANS who are well versed with the functionality of APFC Panels. Our skill full person’s uses innovatory methods for checking relays, switchgears, fuses, contactors, thyristors, capacitors and reactors & attaining unity power factor as per electrical standards. We offers two types of AMC Services.

Comprehensive AMC Services:
  • Analysis of faults in APFC PANEL and repairing/service of the same.
  • Includes spare parts replacements.
  • Preventive maintenance on agreed schedule/frequency. 

Non-Comprehensive AMC Services
  • Analysis of faults in the APFC Panels and reporting the cause/reason for the same.
  • Cost of the spare parts replacements to be borne by the clients
  • Includes consultancies, suggestions to solve the Problems in the System.