Vaccum Circuit Breaker for applications

The newest vacuum circuit breaker generation of Shreem was successfully introduced in the industry .

HV Capacitors
LV Capacitors
Surge Capacitors

Automatic Powerfactor Correction Panels

These Panels are ideally installed at hospitals, commercial complexes, hotels and railways, among others.

Active Harmonic Filter for Industrial Applications

Used for centralized harmonic supression in power system.

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Our services

APFC Panel Annual Maintenance Contract

Lifetronics offers Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & other APFC panel maintenace services for clients with detail report .We assure all our services are rendered under the audience of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers & technicians who are well versed with the functionality of APFC Panels..

Power Quality/ Harmonics analysis

We have 10 years experience of carrying out Network Power Quality study in various sectors like Auto mobile Industries, Steel Industries, Sugar Industries, IT Parks, Hospitals, Cement Industries, Textile Industries and Tyre Industries, Chemical Industries, Hotels etc. We have equipped with tools like FLUKE-435 and KRYKARD ALM..

Reactive Power Compensation Design

We offers reactive power compensations designs. Reactive power compensation is defined as the management of reactive power to improve the performance of alternating-current (ac) power systems. In general, the problem of reactive power compensation is related to load and voltage support. In load support the objectives are..