HV Capacitor

HV capacitors features the latest designed manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable IEC & IS standard.

Their low cost per kVar make these capacitors a simple, economical source of reactive power on electric power systems for,

  • All Polypropylene (APP) film dielectric
  • Ultra Low losses
  • Superior Electrical Performance
  • Non self healing type capacitors
  • Improving power factor
  • Reducing line losses
  • Decreasing voltage drop

HV Open Stack Bank

These are custom designed open type banks made for outdoor application to be installed in substation switch yard.

H.V.Capacitors and Racks are shipped separately to substation site and assembled with base, insulators protection, control equipments& other accessories.

Pad Mounted Bank

Pad mounted capacitor banks are metal enclosed for indoor & outdoor application. Capacitors and other equipments are assembled & tested in factory and despatched for installation. Vacuum contactor or circuit breaker will be provided with automatic power factor controller.

Pole Mounted Bank

Pole mounted capacitor banks are fixed at 11 KV or 33 KV distributed network feeder. Mounting structure is made in Welded galvanised M.S angle where H.V.Capacitors, capacitor switch, other accessories are mounted on a single pole or specifications received from the customer.